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is hurricane earl. it is now from north carolina to paramour island. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. let's check in with tucker barns who has more on earl. timing is certainly bad for a lot of folks. >> it looks like during the day on friday, and the hurricane watch has been extended to include the virginia coastline. the storm has weakened. but let's go to vipir. first a quick look at hurricane watch. surf city, north carolina to paramour island, virginia, under a hurricane watch. don't be surprised if this doesn't get extended up into new jersey this afternoon. now to vipir. let's take a look the at storm -- at the storm, maximum winds 125, gusts over 140 and charging off to the north and west at 16 miles per hour. likely to keep this intensity as it approaching the carolina coastline overnight thursday and into friday morning and
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then charge up the coast during the day on friday. so watch this carefully over the next couple of days. locally we're doing fine. today is going to be another hot, sunny day with afternoon high temperatures back into the 90s. currently we're 76 degrees at reagan national. humidity 65%. winds shifting later out of the south here at about 5 miles per hour. but all in all, not a bad day. 95 degrees the afternoon high with a lot of sunshine. one more hot afternoon and then we'll start a cooldown which will include 80s this weekend. i'll have more details on that in a few minutes. let's get to lauren demarco with a good morning traffic. good morning. good morning. and thank you. we were following the accident in 15 south at 26, it is clear, your delays are easing. sky fox over 270 at 85, buckiestown no major problems here. but problems off and on from germantown toward the split. no problems on the beltway, 95
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in virginia. we have delays from newington into springfield. 395 does slow across the 14th street bridge. 66 inbound watch for the wreck on the ramps to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. hurricane earl barreled through the caribbean. you're looking at high winds and fierce waves that slash the coast of the dominican republic. hundreds evacuated their homes. its storm is causing concern on the east coast and could impact labor day vacation plans for those helling to the delmarva beaches and those on the outer banks. and we have live coverage. >> reporter: labor day plans will be interrupted for thousands of people up and down the east coast. first evacuations are underway for 5,000 visitors on okra coke
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island. and hurricane earl turns toward the east coast. red warning flags mar the beach of north carolina. it is still too early to tell how close hurricane earl could come to shore. the state government is warning people to prepare for the worst. >> any person who has a reason to think this storm might come through, you better go out and buy batteries and snacks threw three or four days. >> reporter: many are asked to stay where it is safe. earl will kick up rough surf and rip currents. >> if we shut down the beaches and keep people out of the water, it will be okay. >> reporter: people all over the eastern seaboard are being told to prepare for possible evacuation. >> i'm going to go out and get good flashlights and water and i'm going to make sure my
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battery is charged on my phone. >> i'll closed my gate and push some sandbags in front of them and hope for the best. i think we'll be okay, though. >> reporter: hope for the best and prepare for the worst. that's what people are being told. not since 1991 and hurricane bob had it's sights on a large section of the east coast. >> greg, let me ask you, it looks kind of nice behind you there. i don't see one cloud there. what is the scene where are you? >> reporter: it's absolutely a gorgeous sunrise this morning. that will change as the storm moves closer and the clouds come in tomorrow and thursday night. but absolutely beautiful morning. there were plenty of surfers out in the water yesterday and i suspect it will be the same today. and just on labor day weekend, about 170,000 pour into this outer banks area so it remains to be scene if some people will change their mind or other
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evacuations will be ordered. >> craig bosswell, thank you very much. d.c. emergency officials are expecting minimal impact from hurricane earl however residents are being asked to prepare for the sort of damage you would see from severe storms, including power outages and flooding. governor bob mcdowell is expected to declare a state of emergency, or declare an emergency today and that will give national guard troops and state police to position themselves in places they are needed most. and maryland emergency officials will meet today about earl's potential to brush ocean city. and you can depend on fox 5 when severe weather strikes. head to and click on on the weather page. and tonight on fox 5 news at 5:00, our live team coverage, and tomorrow on fox 5 morning news as well. let's get to the other big
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story. the president's declaration that the iraq war is over. telling the story about the time to turn the page on the conflict. iraqi forces are there for training and not fighting. sarah simmons joins us with more. >> reporter: the president didn't claim victory but did declare an end to combat missions in iraq. from the oval office the president said the united states paid a huge price. now operation new dawn begins for troops and diplomats who remain in iraq. >> the country appreciates you, i appreciate you. and the most -- the most pride i take in my job is being your commander-in-chief. >> reporter: the message from president obama to u.s. troops is resonating overseas. >> it's a good feeling and a feel of of accomplishment that i did my part as well as many soldiers before me and soldiers
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now and you just have a sense that you left something much better than you found it. >> reporter: as the training continues, president obama delivered an oval office speech announcing a change in the mission. >> if we remove nearly 100,000 u.s. troops from iraq. we've closed or transferred to the iraqis hundreds of bases. and we have moved millions of pieces of equipment out of iraq. this completes a transition to iraqi responsibility for their own security. >> reporter: but there is still a lot of work ahead for iraqi forces. >> it is not what obama says, but it is what about iraqi government. we have some -- lack of electricity and achievements. >> right now they have a caretaker government and the police are employed and they are dealing with security situations. they've had a lot of success,
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but it's taking a while and it's not helpful not to have a government. >> now the elections on march 7th left iraq without a clear winner. insurgents have exploited the uncertainty there and testing iraqi security forces. military officials say they do not anticipate a civil war to break out as u.s. troops leave, but secretary gates warns not all of iraq's problems have been solved. steve. >> and the president revealed in his address that he had called george w. bush yesterday. president obama said that he and president bush disagreed about the war but had no doubt about the support for the troops. senator john mccain said president obama did not give mr. bush credit for the troop surge in iraq. john mccain also took issue with the president announcing a pull-out date from afghanistan. >> when he said our withdrawal will be conditions based and
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then contradicted that by saying we will be beginning to withdraw in the middle of 2011, that's an ambiguity. yes. and that's an ambiguity in afghanistan that could cause us to fail. >> house minority leader john baner said he was disappointd it did not focus on victories in iraq as opposed to just getting out. the president turned his attention to mideast peace talks. mike macro witz looks at america's new role in reaching peace in the middle east. >> competition. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the conversation remains light but this is the first of talks for clinton of
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mideast peace talks. >> it is for presidential bilateral meetings. >> reporter: after meeting with mahmoud abas, the foreign ministers of jordan and others were on the docket. this is as the president plans to host the leaders of jordan at the white house for talks on peace. >> we are engaged in the substance of our search for middle east peace. >> reporter: thursday marks the peace negotiations in 20 months against the back drops of a gunman killing and shooting. >> there are those who will do whatever they can to disruptor derail the process. >> reporter: many experts say the biggest hurdle is the jewish settlement and the fate of jerusalem. mike maco witz, fox news.
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7:10 on this wednesday morning. two americans arrested overseas because of what was found in their luggage. were they a threat. should those items have gotten through airport security. we'll look after the break. and a new role of michelle rhee. what he is planning -- what her role is playing in the mayoral race. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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well, are you going to pick it or not? it's not ready yet. (announcer) tim and richard smucker grew up learning that you have to pick fruit at the peak of perfection if you want jam to taste extra delicious. it's getting close. (announcer) for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
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7:14 on this wednesday morning as we take a look at stories making headlines this morning. alaska senator merkowski has conceded to miller. she still trailed miller by 1800 votes. this is the first time a tea
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party backed candidate defeated a seating senator. a washington post poll indicates d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee has polarized voters in the district. 41% of registered democrats say her record will be a reason to vote for mayor fenty in the primary election. but 40% say her leadership is the reason to vote him out of office. still undecided when it comes to the mayor race. we'll help you out as the mayor and his challenger vincent gray will face off this friday morning at 9:00 a.m. and you can take part in it by letting us know what questions you would like us to ask of the candidates. go to and you can submit your question there. 7:15 right now and all eyes still looking in the waters to see what is coming up on the weekend. >> a big storm. >> we don't enjoy this. >> no. because these storms mean serious business and this one
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does too. now a category 3 hurricane. we'll get to the map. but forecast track the same as it was yesterday. we expect earl to pass to the east on friday. there is your satellite radar. around here today, a lot of sunshine. going to be hot again with high temperatures back in the middle 90s. see the front out to the west. that's a cold front and that will be a big player on the weather. bringing us cooler weather through the weekend but also going to help push earl out to sea. so that is a major player over the next couple of days. speaking of earl, there is a look. you request see the eye redeveloping during the overnight hours so the storm still strong. a category three, which was not as strong as last night. expected to be just off of the shore of cape hatteras by early friday morning and then race up the coast. so we'll start to see conditions deteriorate along our beaches here in maryland and virginia late in the day on thursday and then during the
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day on friday. not a great day to be down at the beaches currently 75 degrees at reagan national. 66 at dulles. 69 at bwi marshall. our high temperatures later today back in the middle 90s. so here we go. 95 the expected high temperature. cooler tomorrow as some of the cloud cover associated with earl moves in during the second half of the day. friday not picture perfect but not terrible. a mix of sun and clouds. windy and breezy around here. high temperature 88. look at saturday and sunday. daytime highs only in the low 80s. >> and you're right, it will feel nice. >> will feel great. >> thank you, tucker. and let's check on the commute this morning. >> we do have an accident to report eastbound on 66. first off you'll find some delays from route 50 fair oaks past 123 and then trafficland camera, as you approach the beltway, lined up to the right, an accident on the ramp from eastbound 66 to the beltway. you're able to get by, but
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slowing everybody down briefly there. northbound 395 leaving the beltway up past duke street, we are heavy and slow in the main lines. h.o.v. looks good. you find delays across the 14th street bridge and into the district. sousa bridge inbound is slow as well. we do have accident reported northbound bw parkway at route 32. delays there from 198 on the beltway, outer loop heavy and slow toward silver spring into bethesda. past colesville road, the pace does open up. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. allison, over to you. there is new video showing two american men being arrested on a plane. they were taken into custody on a flight from chicago after united states officials found several suspicious items in their luggage. they include cell phones taped together, a phone taped to a plastic bottle and a knife and
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box cutter. the men are being held on suspicious of conspiring to commit a terrorist act. now joining us the professor at the george mason school of law over why the men haven't been charged yet. good morning. >> good morning. >> they are still in amsterdam and no united states charges and that should have people shaking their heads because the list of items is uncertain. >> now more information is coming out suggesting that maybe it was a false alarm. why were these items taped together? well one of the things i've heard was they were items taken back to yemen for friends and family members and you tape them together so they go to the same person. but it's still really too soon to say whether this was an al- qaeda dry run or just a false alarm. >> also too the proximity, and i hate to bring up the 9 anniversary, but i don't think
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a day or year goes by when that anniversary doesn't stop for americans, so the timing is important as well. would you agree with that? >> absolutely. this is a useful reminder that al-qaeda remains obsessed with blowing up airplanes over the ocean. they tried to do this in the 1990s, the shoe bomber tried in 2001, its heathrow plotters tried in 2006, the christmas day bomber tried last year. they will keep trying to do it until they get it right and we have to be vigilant to keep them from doing that. >> and your legal expertise on this. it is not against the law to carry $7,000 in cash. and not against the law to pack these things in your checked luggage. that to me seems like -- could that be like the big loophole, not charging these men with anything, but the fact it's not illegal so there have been no charges? >> well it's not only not
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illegal it's probably a good idea to take pepto-bismol with you when you travel to different parts of the world. i think the reason why the pepto-bismol bottle with the cell phone taped to it set off alarm bells because this looks like a liquid explosive with a cell phone detonator. so it's important to keep developing new technologies that are capable of scanning luggage and persons and identifying contraband, to make sure that the stuff that gets on the plane is innocuous like medicine. >> they said they didn't know each other and they happened to be sitting next to each other and they were both bumped from a flight and ended up on an american airlines flight. >> sometimesco incidents are are just coincidents. they happened to disconnect in
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chicago and anybody through o'hare can sympathize. >> does precaution prevail and the men stay detained until we know for sure. >> i think you error on the side of caution when dealing with potential al-qaeda attacks. the system will work through itself and figure out whether the men are somebody to worry about or not. until then i think we should sit tight and let the process work itself out. >> we're all right up here and don't know it until something happens. nathan sales, thank you so much. >> thank you, allison. 7:22 on this wednesday morning and a new grocery store opening up in ward 8 and we'll have details when we come back. and later we are live in frederick, maryland, where archeologists found remnants of a slave village. we'll look at this remarkable find coming up here on fox 5 morning news. we're back after this. 
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new developments on the computer glitch at dmv offices
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across virginia. state troopers being asked not to issue sumons to anyone with an expired license between the 25th of august and the 30th of september. the state has not been able to issue new licenses since the computer system went down last week and won't be up and running until at least tomorrow. so what can drivers waiting for their license do now and what can they expect when the computers start working again? this morning we'll talk with top officials about this problem. another store in d.c. is open today. the yes market is open in southeast. this is the second one to open in the last four years. bank of america put up nearly $30 million to finance this project. there are 118 units of affordable houses above the new grocery store. israeli and palestinian leaders arrive for peace talks.
7:27 am
what can we expect from this meeting? >> we'll have more ahead on fox 5 morning news. and continuing to track hurricane earl, how close could the storm come to the eastern shore? tucker has the latest forecast when fox 5 morning news comes back. stay tuned for that. it's now 7:27. i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress.
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find out more at thanks, teachers unions.
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welcome back. it's 7:29. time for an update on today's top story. president barack obama formally ended the u.s. cam bat role in iraq with an address from the oval office last night. the president did not claim victory in the 7-year war but declared its time to turn the page. the president said his priority will be fixing the economy. a new round of mideast peace making at the white house. the israeli and palestinian leaders will have talks with the president today and more talks continue tomorrow. and hurricane earl a threat to east coast beaches evacuations started in north carolina an hour ago. visitors have been asked to leave ocracoke island. officials in ocean city, maryland, will decide this afternoon about whether to
7:31 am
issue evacuations. tucker, help us out. we say it's downgraded, but still a strong storm. is there a chance it could be upgraded again? >> a good possibility. i'm watching the eye redevelop which makes it more intense. and remember isabel was only a tropical storm in the washington area and it did a lot of damage. it wouldn't take much and the track here will be critical over the next couple of days. it will stay just off shore which is a good thing for us because the worst of the storms on the east side of the eye there. >> all of the folks heading to dewey beach in ocean city might get damperred. >> they might want to wait it out. by saturday morning it will be better at hetalk about today fi we're off to another warm start. our highs later today back into the middle 90s. part to believe but it's day number 58 this year of temperatures in the 90s. around here, should be a nice day. we have a lot of sunshine and
7:32 am
again the temperatures will warm up very quickly. 69 in quantico. gain has a -- gaithersburg has a temperature of 66. martinsberg 62. and in winchester we're 67 degrees. so not a bad looking morning. a bright, sunny day. high pressure is anchored right across the mid-atlantic and we have quiet from northern new england, all the way from maine right down into the carolinas. there is nothing going on. the quiet before the storm. out to the west, satellite radar showing you a cold front. that is a major player in our forecast as we get into the end of the week. it will cool us down by the weekend but more importantly it will keep earl off shore approaching from the west in the next couple of days. here is another look at earl. you can see the eye redevelop. and see the eye start to redevelop and it's been undergoing an eye wall replacement cycle, so don't be surprised if earl doesn't intensify and the pressure doesn't lower during the next 6- 12 hours and the storm doesn't pick up pace as it races off to the north and west during the
7:33 am
next couple of days. here is your forecast track. watch it carefully. it will come close to the outer banks and that's why we have a hurricane watch for the carolinas right up to portions of virginia here during the overnight hours thursday and into friday. and there you go, 120 mile-per- hour winds expected by friday morning and then it races off to the north and east with the possibility that it could clip cape cod there during the early morning hours on saturday. 95 this afternoon, code orange air quality. it will be a hot one out there with winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast. some clouds tomorrow associated with earl arrive late in the day. 92 the afternoon high. right now friday looks partly sunny here, going to be breezy at times as the storm passes to the east. high temperature 88. cold front gets in friday night. highs in the low 80s. no rain in the next five days here in washington. let's look at the forecast and get to on-time traffic and lauren demarco. we do have an accident northbound bw parkway at route
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32 and we have delays from 198. also seeing delays on the outer loop of the beltway in college park and that continues around toward silver spring and into bethesda. here we are at the outer loop at new hampshire avenue. heavy and slow there. once you get past colesville it is improved and no problems crossing the american legion bridge. northbound 395, heavy and slow up from the beltway past he had edsel road and then delays across the 14th street bridge. inbound sousa bridge heavy and slow. route 50 inbound between the beltway and 295, you have delays off and on. and then new york avenue slows approaching blade ebb -- bladensberg road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. back over to you. the president said the war in iraq is now over but there is still more ahead. joining us peter fenn and jim innocenzi. it's good to see both of you on this wednesday morning. >> nice to be here.
7:35 am
>> let's talk about the speech last night and what the president had to say about iraq. jim, you are laughing so i'll start with peter first. >> what are you laughing about? >> maybe we'll start with jim. now we'll put you on first. >> no it's his president. you go. >> he talked about president bush and praised his commitment to the country and that was a nice thing to do. but more important, he fulfilled his promise. he said he would stop the war effort by this time and the combat aspect of it and the 50,000 troops still there which will hopefully be out by december 31st so i think we have a situation where we have presidents who do what they say they're going to do. right, jim? what is to laugh about that? >> that was a horrible speech. it was a political speech.
7:36 am
it had nothing to do with anything other than i'm sure axelrod and rahm emanual sat there and said you are tanking. these numbers are awful. we have to do something. let's just say we're getting out of the wreck like we said we were. from a policy perspective, i think it's sort of dangerous. but he promised that he was going to do this and he's going to do it. this was a play, to me, this was a place to his base. that's all this was. the base is very unhappy with him, it's reflected in all of his political numbers so he decided to come out and give this speech. frankly what he said in texas earlier in the day, i thought, had more substance and more validity tan -- than here. and he started talking about afghanistan and said we'll be there for a certain amount of time and then leave there too. i thought it was needless. >> going back to last night, should he have done more of
7:37 am
what john baner said and talked about the successes in iraq as opposed to just saying we're getting out? >> i think he should talk about is what the future of iraq is going to be like. i don't know from a policy perspective to where it's a definitive, we are done and things are hunky dory. >> and he didn't say that. you had elections in march, you have to have more elections. the government has to stabilize. but look, the point, jim, with this, is to say look, it's now time for the iraqis to take over which is precisely what he said. and the other point about this is we have serious problems at home to address. we have put in over a trillion dollars and down the road a heck of a lot more than that into this war and we have to make sure that afghanistan is stabilized and then we have to look inward. we have a lot of problems to take care of. >> that he inherited by george
7:38 am
w. bush by the way. >> and you beat bush down -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> he had a meltdown. >> [ inaudible ] said something funny a month or go, if you're going to do that, just wear a shirt that says it's bush's fault. >> here is the idea. it's like driving a car. don't you want to go forward. d is for drive and r is -- is for republican. >> okay. let's go forward. we're going to talk about afghanistan which the president did mention last night. peter, john mccain was critical of the fact that the president said, let's let what happens dictate things at first but then said we're going to start a time table next july to start pulling troops out of afghanistan. should he have been so specific? >> i think the same problem exists there. when it comes to afghanistan and pakistan, those countries have got to solve their own
7:39 am
problems. we cannot do it for them. we can help them and we now have some troops we can put in there and have been, trying to stabilize the situation and it's working. in a sense, al-qaeda is not nearly as strong as it once was because of that. but is there more to do there? yes. but the united states cannot be the policemen of the world we learned that in vietnam. so i think the point is saying to people, look, here are certain deadlines and certain things we have to do and you have to do in order to make this work and not to have the open-ended commitments. that's what the president is saying. >> jim? >> i think that's one thing, but al-qaeda and everybody else just runs over the border to pakistan, looks at their watch and says it's next year, goodbye mr. america and come back in. and why are we in there in the first place if they'll come right back in. and put the cheese out and kill a couple of rats and then they
7:40 am
come back when the cheese and traps are gone. i think peter's point, which i do agree with, is that we can't have an open-ended thing but we can't set an arbitrary deadline. we have to let the situation dictate it. >> only about a minute. i was going to call on secretary of state hillary clinton to broker the peace with you but she has her hands full with the middle east. leaders meet through the week. what are your thoughts on this at this point? it's been a couple of years since we've had these talks. >> i'm glad we're having these talks. this is the toughest talk. we have to more toward the palestinian state. but the west bank has prospered. they have 11% growth rate, the security there is fairly strong. the question is can they come to an agreement, a security agreement? out of this summit this week, probably not. but at least the talks are ongoing.
7:41 am
the fact that they are together and talking is a good thing. >> jim? >> i think everybody is for this process and it's a grand idea but look at it from the voter's perspective. there is still double-digit unemployment and people are still out of work and now we're going to have middle east peace talks? i'm not downgrading middle east peace talks but where is the president's laser light focus on fixing the economy. so i think we have to go back to the situation of i think it's ironic this guy gets sworn in as the president of the united states, and his least credential's policy is middle east -- >> and when john mccain tried this on him, if your president of the united states, you need to juggle a lot of things and this president can do this. i wouldn't say he's overly focused on foreign policy. even last night he said we have to focus on jobs and billing
7:42 am
this economy -- building this economy. we'll work with republicans and take care of the problem. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i'm sure it will. >> we'll pick up on that next week. see you next wednesday. allison, back to you. well time now is 7:41 on this wednesday morning. a popular d.c. spot for tourists and local has a new way to get teens to buzz off. details coming up next. then high school football season is gearing up and that means the game of the week is back. go to and vote for your favorite. your choices are there on the screen. we'll be live at the winning matchup on friday. it's not back-to-school,
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it's forward to what's next with a blackberry curve, samsung reality, or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
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welcome back. the owners of the gallery place commercial strip think they have a solution to loitering teen-agers.
7:46 am
it's call the mosquito. i think you've heard about it. it works by emitting a sound of 13 to 25. most people say they heard it but it wasn't annoying. that explains it, because i would say, i hear it but it -- >> it doesn't bother you. >> that's the x factor. >> you would be a real -- you know what would be a real irritant? real mosquitoes. >> our floor director jim said it would be terrible if they played something like captain and ten el or sinatra. >> muskrat loveunbeatable. let's get to the weather. currently in the 70s. daytime highs back into the 90s later today. currently 75 at reagan national. 66 out at dulles. not bad off to the north and west. winchester is 66 and a little
7:47 am
warmer down in ocean city, 72, where they are making preparation for earl. it is a one-two combination. earl trying to work up the coast and a cold front out to the west. good news is the cold front will win out and kind of push earl out to see-- to sea. that being said, it looks like thursday night and friday morning things will deteriorate along the coastline and we'll have good winds and the possibility of storm surge and rip currents on friday as the storm races off to the north and east. but this will be a close call. this is a major hurricane, a category three hurricane with sustained wins at 125, gusting over 140. so this is a big-time storm as it races off to the north. it looks like it is out of here for the weekend and even down at the beaches by saturday and sunday there should be plenty of sunshine. 95 this afternoon, 92 tomorrow. cloud as associated with earl on friday. it will be breezy here in washington on friday. we'll have to see how close the
7:48 am
rain bands get to the washington area. i think it will get close to the bay. and saturday and sunday, low 80s, no rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. >> did you see the beach behind case bosswell earlier? >> it was beautiful. >> that is off-putting when you know something is coming. >> enjoy it while you can. let's check in with lauren and check on the roads. >> did you just dissinatra. >> no we like him. >> maybe it's because i grew up in jersey, but everybody loves sinatra. >> no, i said i would rather hear him than mask rat love. >> an accident 66 eastbound approaching route 50, delays there heading east and that is off to the left shoulder. but it is causing everybody to slow as they pass by. here we are at the 14th street
7:49 am
bridge northbound, heavy and slow into the district. southbound phil -- 14th street bridge, avoid the ramp. in maryland, 66, approaching route 50, some slow traffic there and then the delay will continue to 123. again you'll slow approaching the beltway. now in maryland, the outer loop heavy and slow from college park as you head around toward colesville road. here at university you can see it's heavy there. and northbound bw parkway, you want to watch. we have delays because of an earlier wreck from 198 up to 32. that's a check of fox 5 on-time traffic. the oval office getting an extreme makeover. >> we'll show you the decoration changes coming up in the next hour. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, allison. they are pulling the past out of the ground in frederick county and we are here to watch them do it live. we're going to talk about the archeological dig that is teaching us about a very important part of our history next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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7:52 right now. during a summer long archeological dig in maryland, the national park service came across interesting findings. >> soo this morning -- so this morning, holly morris is learning about the ongoing
7:53 am
project. and holly, this is fascinating to me. the whole dig, the uncovering american history, i love it. >> reporter: it is really fascinating and it really is an example of when you have patience and persistence and believe in a project, it can be well worth it. that's what the national park service found out here because this is a project long in the making. this is jo beasley who joins me. so this story begins a long, long time ago. but for the park service, you got the land in ' 93. >> correct. >> reporter: and then in 2003 you made the first discovery? >> that's correct. it was part of a larger study. we identified what we thought was the site of the slave village but it wasn't until this summer that we had the funding to explore the site. >> reporter: so it took from 2003 to 2010 to get the money to do what you are doing, and then you thought you were digging for four, and then a couple of weeks ago --
7:54 am
>> we knew there were a row of houses, but we don't know precisely how many. so using archeological field methods we identified four individual dwelling houses and then a couple of weeks ago we were able to do a surface penetrating radar survey and during the course of that we identified two additional structures so there are a total of six dwelling houses out here. >> reporter: so let's give everybody a perspective as to what you are looking for. what is the story you're looking to tell from the property. >> what we know that the southern 270 acres of what was originally a 784-acre plantation that was known as laramie cause and established by a family of french planters who came from haiti. when they came to maryland, they brought with them 12 enslaved laborers and by 1800 they had 90 enslaved labors in their possession which is ten times the number you would expect them to have. >> very unusual for the time. most people didn't have that
7:55 am
many slaves. and then the importance of this property, is we can still see the main house, sure. >> right. >> reporter: and so the slave quarters would have been able to be seen from the road? >> right. and the slave quarters are arranged in front of the primary building cluster which is a pattern you don't typically see in maryland and in this area. it's more unusual to have slave quarters to the rear or to the side of the main house. >> reporter: so why would they have been in front? >> that's the pattern you see in the deep south and in the caribbean. so it probably to some degree had to do with the family roots in the caribbean. but it also may have been quite a display of wealth and also may have been to facilitate the ability to keep an eye on they're enslaved population. >> reporter: so what are you pulling out of the ground now? >> we've identified the footprint of six individual structures and there are a wide variety of artifacts.
7:56 am
everything from architectural debris like brick fragments and mortar and nails to glassware, ceramics, personal items like tobacco fragments and coins and just about anything you could imagine would result from 90 or so people living in one place for a long period of time. >> reporter: when you work on something this long and then start to the fruits of your labor -- >> it's really exciting. there is very little information about the enslaved population and who the people were and what they're daily lives were like and the archeology is the only way to get at that information and as a result of identifying the structures and the features that are associated with them, we start to get a sense of what the landscape was like at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. >> reporter: and we just learn more. is our website. we have a link to the battle site. but we've only just begun.
7:57 am
but we'll talk more with thein -- the inturns doing the work and the emotional part of being part of a dig such as this one. >> i think allison might come join you. >> i wish i could. 7:56. coming up after 8:00, d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton will join us live with more of his crime concerns on the mall. and it used to be sleeping on the job would get you fired, but now more and more companies are encouraging it. >> take a hint, folks, around here. >> we'll take a look in the next hour. stay with us. [ female announcer ] introducing pillsbury sweet moments bite-sized brownies
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layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate ready to eat sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section [ female announcer ] within every pillsbury package
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is the power to enrich a child's mind. collect pillsbury double box tops for education today. hurricane earl lost a little bit of steam overnight. downgraded to a category three storm but still very dangerous. still a threat to beaches from north carolina all the way up to cape cod and we're following the storm this morning. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. one of the new developments, a hurricane watch was extended to include most of the coast. it's from surf city, north carolina to parramour island, virginia, which isn't far away
8:01 am
from ocean city. and tucker barnes joins us with this wild weather and what is going on here at home. >> don't be surprised if it's extended to the maryland beaches and into southern new england later today as the storm is expected to race north and east toward the end of the week. today no problems. tomorrow will be quiet. but into friday and saturday we'll watch the track very carefully. there is the latest look. just got an advisory up dade. maximum winds still 125 miles per hour. moving off to the north and west at 16. the pressure is up to 943 millie bars but still a very strong storm, generally in the direction of the carolina coastline and now we have a hurricane watch for the outer banks of north carolina. and let as talk local weather quickly and a fine start to the day. a lot of sunshine here. hot again later in afternoon with highs back in the low to mid-90s. 75 degrees right now at reagan national. humidity is 64%. winds have shifted out of the south and west at 3 miles per hour. our forecast an easy one, a lot
8:02 am
of sunshine, one more hot afternoon, 95 the high temperature. and we'll have a gradual cooling trend into the weekend. more details on that and more details on the path of earl coming up in a couple of minutes. >> tucker, thank you. let's get an idea on the path of traffic this morning. >> we do have a live picture of the toll road from trafficland. hunter mill road there is a wreck, left lane blocked and delays from the greenway. you can see it far off on the screen. that's inbound dulles toll road. traveling in virginia, northbound 395 slows from the beltway past duke street and then delays across the 14th street bridge. outbound 14th street bridge also on the brakes because of a wreck on the ramp to northbound gw parkway blocking the right side of the ramp. in prince george's county, westbound 50 after 197, accident on the left shoulder. on the beltway, outer loop at
8:03 am
route 4 pennsylvania avenue, accident on the left shoulder as well. outer loop past new hampshire avenue, delays on the outer loop into montgomery from college park past new hampshire toward colesville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> lauren, thank you so much. hurricane earl has left the eastern caribbean behind with downed power lines and missing roots. and now moving to delmarva and those in north carolina are taking action. sarah simmons is joining us live with more. >> reporter: well already this morning visitors off the coast of north carolina on an island called ocracoke that many people vacation, they have been evacuating since 5:00 this morning. the hurricane can still do a lot of significant damage. maryland emergency officials are meeting today about the impact the hurricane is expected to have on ocean city.
8:04 am
the ocean city mayor said they have about 200,000 people there right now leading up to this big labor day weekend where there will be a lot of tourists there. they are already warning swimmers about dangerous riptides. now d.c. emergency officials don't expect much from hurricane earl here. however, residents are being asked to prepare for power outages and flooding similar to what we have seen during the severe storms lately. now virginia is not taking any chances here. governor bob mcdonnell is expected to declare a statewide emergency today. that will give national guard troops and state police the chance to get in place for this storm. and one of the reasons why virginia leaders are really quick to issue this warning is due to hurricane isabel. this is video from the storm that hit 7 years ago this month. 33 people were killed, more than half of the state was without power and the storm left more than a billion dollars in damage behind.
8:05 am
now later on, a state review revealed that virginia's disaster preparedness plans were not set up to handle a storm of that scale. so they are much quicker to act at this time as hurricane earl comes in. and then coming up in the next hour here at 9:00 a.m., we'll talk with the dare county officials in the area of cape hatteras, talking about how they are preparing down there for hurricane earl. back to you guys. >> sarah, thank you so much for the latest on that. and you can depend on fox 5 when severe weather strikes. head to and click on my fox hurricane on the weather page. and you can down load an app for my fox hurricane. and we know you need to have latest decision made about the delmarva beaches and we will begin reporting live from ocean city tonight at 5:00. our live team coverage from the coast continues tomorrow on fox 5 morning news. a lot of folks wanting to make
8:06 am
plans. steve. this is the president announcing that the combat mission in iraq is over. robert gates meeting with american forces as they close down their combat mission. president obama spoke last night from the oval office to mark the milestone. as fox's doug luzader reports now, he is trying to make a quick pivot back to the economy. >> the president said this wasn't a victory lap but his oval office address was this unusual mix of iraq, afghanistan and the economy. >> reporter: iraqis awoke this morning to read the news for themselves. president obama speaking from the oval office. >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. >> reporter: and there will still be about 50,000 u.s. troops remaining in iraq to assist and train iraqi forces. but the president sought to close a chapter that divided the country for so many years. >> this afternoon i spoke to
8:07 am
former president george w. bush. it's well-known that he and i disagreed about the war from the outset. yet no one can doubt president bush's support for our troops or his love of country and commitment to our security. >> reporter: but some who supported the war effort said the president didn't go far enough and he should have conceded that the troop surge strategy that he opposed for iraq ultimately worked. >> i really wish that president obama would acknowledge that. think that would have been a classy thing to have done. >> reporter: and while the president may have glossed that point over, he also quickly moved to the chief concern for voters -- turning around the beleaguered economy. >> this will be difficult. but in the days to come it must be our central mission as a people. and my central responsibility as president. >> reporter: and also a central issue for voters heading into the mid-term elections. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> the white house also gearing up for international negotiations on mideast peace
8:08 am
as isrealy prime minister met with hillary clinton last night. palestinian president is also here. they have separate meetings with the president today and tonight the president will meet with the egyptian leader and tony blair. the formal talks start tomorrow. new this morning, another incumbent taken down. lisa murkowski has conceded to joe miller. she still trailed miller by more than 1600 votes after counting absentee and outstanding ballots. this is the first time a tea party-backed candidate won. a mixed bag of news for mayor fenty. 13 days before the primary election a washington post poll indicates d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee has polarized voters in the district. 41% of registered democrats say
8:09 am
her record will be a reason to vote for mayor fenty in the primary election but 40% say her leadership is a reason to vote him out of office. well there is no doubt a new finding about the city schools. this is good news for mayor fenty. a new report finds there have been dramatic improvement in the public school system over the past five years. >> d.c. has shown improvements in most of the areas that we looked at, including funding, test scores, teachers' compensation, facility modernization, special education. >> the mayor said the report shows that the sweeping reform by the administration and michelle rhee are working. council chair vincent gray who is challenging fenty for mayor, points out that he supported giving fenty and michelle rhee, but will have a broader propane
8:10 am
if elected. and the mayor race is heating up. the two candidates will face off this friday. you can catch their live in- studio debate at 9:00 a.m. and you can send us questions you want us to ask at coming up, we'll check out other stories making headlines. >> and then eleanor holmes norton joins us live with more of her crime concerns down on the national mall. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. it's not back-to-school,
8:11 am
it's forward to what's next with an hp netbook, samsung reality, or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
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it is 8:13 on this wednesday morning as we check headlines. your help is needed to investigate a sexual assault in anne arundel county. this was early monday morning in glen burnie. a masked man broke into the home of an elderly woman and sexually assaulted her and then took off. anybody with information should contact anne arundel county police. recent attacks on elderly woman in montgomery county have police canvassing a germantown neighborhood last night. detectives are hoping for a tip that leads to the arrest of a
8:14 am
man who attacked two senior women in the middle of the night. one happened last week, the other two months ago. investigators think they may be connected. isolation, confinement, darkness, the fear is that all of that could lead to serious depression for the 33 miners trapped underground in chile. a team of nasa psychologists has arrived to try to help. they have experience working with astronauts working in space for tight quarters for long periods of time. anti-depression medication is being lowered to the hyper miners. it could take months to rescue the miners. and now it's time to see tucker with the weather. >> and we're also tracking some cuteness. >> and the cool factor of the day. and it will be a cool one. i don't think i'll do it today. i'm going to throw it back to you, because i have a lot of weather to do back here. >> guess what, tucker, they don't have the picture? >> well then how are they going
8:15 am
to do it. >> let's not say anything. we'll get a surprise and hopefully do it tomorrow. >> and we'll turn our attention over to the hurricane. >> that's another cute factor. let's get right to it and talk about current conditions here in washington. here is what i know. we'll be bright and sunny with high temperatures back into the middle 90s. here is your satellite radar. cold front out to the west. i show that to you for two reasons, one it will cool us down for the weekend and two it's a major player in the forecast into the end of the week. because thousand had a interacts with earl and whether or not it's able to push it out to sea will be a big-time determining factor on whether or not we're able to make it inland during the day on friday. right now it looks like it will come close to the coastline, clip the outer banks and then race off to the north and east. there is a live look at your hurricane earl, maximum winds 125 miles per hour, now gusting over 140 and it looks like it's reintensifying. you can see the eye becoming
8:16 am
more distinct. no doubt about it, a powerful hurricane racing off to the north and west at 16 miles per hour. i'll show you what the hurricane center is the path here coming up in a couple of minutes. right now we are warm. 78 at reagan national. 72 at both dulles and bwi marshall. our high temperatures later today, back into the 90s. i hope you enjoy it because we're going to have cooler temperatures for the weekend behind the cold front and once we get rid of the 90s, that might be it for the season as next week our high temperatures will only be in the mid-80s. plenty of sunshine today and code orange air advisory. more on earl coming up in a couple of minutes. let's get to on-time traffic and lauren demarco has the latest. >> enjoy it while you can. right now we do have an accident in montgomery county, southbound 355, rockville pike south of the beltway. it's right near else mere avenue. you can see delays. the slowdown begins before grove nor lane south on 355.
8:17 am
in virginia we do have delays inbound dulles toll road because of an accident at hunter mill. things looking better here. the road is reopened but on the brakes off and on from the greenway. northbound 395, heavy and slow from before the pentagon across the 14th street bridge. westbound free way, you're going to find delays the entire stretch inside the district and then out bound 14th street bridge is slow as well, all due to earlier accidents. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> lauren, thank you so much. well in response to concerns about crime in d.c., d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton has taken nighttime walks on the national mall for the last four years. last night was one of those walks. she joins us from capitol hill to talk about what she found down on the mall. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you've been doing this walk now nor several years and hopefully conditions there were more to your liking when you went on your annual walk. tell us what you found?
8:18 am
>> well they certainly have improved. i began these walks after a set of muggings on the mall. and that's a crime-free place and our residents love the mall, run on the wall. i'm a race-walker on the mall and run on the wall and according to gord -- guards, people are running there all night, at 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. and as visitors come, and they leave their revenue here so we want them to understand the mall is safe. i went to look and i found, for example, and i looked for lighting in particular, that the lights were good on the mall. i was concerned when i first began to walk that lights on the lower eighth of the mall near the capitol didn't come on and yet i saw them on in other parts of the capitol. by the time i had gone throughout the mall, the lights were on. they were not dimmed. they were not obstructed as i have often found. the light bulbs were clean so
8:19 am
the lights could come through. a smithsonian security guard told me that the park police come about every half an hour on patrol. i did not see a park police car. i did see a capital police car at the lower end of the mall. i asked the security person that i talked to at part of the mall which was not as lit as other parts about loitering and crime and she said it was crime free and so i'm here to report to the residents of the region and the district of columbia that the mall does seem to be a place where crime is gone, just as crime has been lower in the district of columbia. >> congresswoman, i have to give you your props as they say, a lot of people could send a staffer down there but you go yourself personally. why is that important for you to see that yourself? >> well i think when the national park service knows that a member of congress is looking, not just depending on second or third place accounts,
8:20 am
that they stand more likely to stay on their toes. and nobody minds the mall politically except me. it's here in my district. i'm not on the committee but i pay more attention to it than anybody in congress. visitors leave tons of revenue and they come first and foremost to the mall. and i mall bill. and i go to the other parks because the national park service keeps those parks going as well. because they belong to the national park service. but i pay attention to the mall because its whole city uses the mall and because as it turns out the whole country uses the mall. >> and we talked about crime being down, also a new report that education, the numbers look better for the d.c. public school system. but what happens after that? we're all kind of suffering with this economy and young people are suffering as well and you have an exciting round table next week and let's talk about that. busboys and poets, tell us about it.
8:21 am
>> i'm trying to get beyond the figures. who are the unemployed? they're not just a number. one of the groups of unemployed that are perhaps the most unintended victims are young college gradates who told get a college diploma and you're home free. and i'm having a round table where youngsters can come and testify where we'll have experts talk about what the prospects for them are, busboys and poets, 14th and v. street next wednesday september 8th. we named it something that i think sums up how they feel -- young, educated and unemployed, keeping college gradates from becoming a lost generation. if you have worked very hard, have college loans just to get your way through college and you can't find a job even then, you're beginning to wonder is
8:22 am
it all worth it and you may send that message to the next generation of college gradates which i think would be a great mistake. i want to focus on these young people next wednesday the 8th, 6:30, at busboys and poets. have them come in and talk about themselves, where they've gone, have them listen to experts about where to go. so that the unemployed do not become just something to get unemployment. they become real people and if we focus on them and target them, then i think we can do something about them and that's what we have to do next wednesday, the 8th, 6:30, busboys and poets, for young people and anybody interested in young people, come join us. >> congresswoman eleanor holmes norton, thank you. always a pleasure to have you on the morning broadcast. >> thank you. there are new concerns about the safety of seafood from the gulf of mexico. a look at new lab reports. and live in maryland where
8:23 am
archeologists recently found what is believed to be the remains of two cabins that were once part of a slave village. we're going to take a closer look coming up here on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 8:22.  when the stage is set. and the cast has been gathered. when the curtain rises. and the spotlight is yours. having a strong signal at your back... is like having invisible power everywhere. because in that moment... you're not there to take up space. you're there to fill the room. rule the air. verizon. right now, buy a blackberry smartphone
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the latest on the investigation into that massive recall from tainted eggs as the fda and justice department said agents visited the two iowa farms at the center of the outbreak for a second time but federal agents would not elaborate on what they found or why they were there. the eggs have been linkinged to as many as 1500 cases of salmonella poisoning. the government said seafood from the gulf of mexico is safe to eat but experts from a boston laboratory say that claim may be premature. boston scientists hired by the united commercial fisherman's association to analyze coastal fishing waters found dispersant near biloxi, mississippi. bp claimed it stopped using the toxic chemical. the epa said it's continuing to monitor the region for possible health threats. the fda wants to crack down on the misuse of cough syrup. the feds are considering new
8:27 am
regulations to tighten access to products like nyquil and vick's. it can cause hallucinations and side effects like fainting and liver damage. the fda plans to consult on guidance for possible restrictions. it's 8:27 now. coming up, we'll check in with the national hurricane center. >> folks there are busy keeping eyes on hurricane earl. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 8:27 now. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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it is 8:30 right now and before we get to the forecast, we have something special. >> we do. and we tried to do this a second ago so we'll do it. it's the coolness factor of the day. >> it is. but i'm going to do the weather so what do you have? >> i'm going to take it over today. you talk about a cool customer. check out spencer allison right
8:31 am
there. that is my baby, the last of the three, entering kindergarten. she's entering kindergarten this year and that big smile on her face, and after that picture was taken, i said, spencer, wow, you are really ready. and she said, mom, i'm the most nervous person in this school today. but that smile is still good. >> did she cry? >> she didn't cry. mark cried. he said that when i got home, thanks for that. and last one, so way to go spencer. and everybody in the d.c. area, let's have a great school year. >> that's great. >> never too late for a good my first 5. all right. that was the sunny part of the report. now into the hurricane part of the report.
8:32 am
current conditions, we are just warming up. temperatures in washington, 70, 72 out at dulles, 70 in manassas. it will be hot. high temperatures later today here in washington back into the middle 90s. so one more hot day and then we start a gradual cooldown as we get closer to the weekend and we await the arrival of a cold front out to the west. see it out there toward chicago. it will cool us down for the weekend and we're hoping it gets in here in time to push earl out to sea. that will be a close call as earl approaches from the south and east during the next couple of days. there is your satellite radar. earl looking more impressive. the eye looks like it's redeveloping and likely the storm will become stronger. currently a category three storm. and that's still major with sustains winds over 125 and gusts up to 140-150. and pushing toward the outer banks of north carolina and hatteras and looking to arrive late in the day on thursday and particularly friday morning. here is your forecast track.
8:33 am
and remember this can be adjusted a little bit. but it looks like by friday morning it's just off the coastline of north carolina with maximum winds of 120 miles per hour. it will race off to the north and east and salvage most of the weekend, even out at the beaches most of the weekend should be nice, but friday is touch and go. there is your five-day forecast. 95 this afternoon and then we cool down. behind the frontal system friday night and saturday, temperatures in the low 80s for the weekend. >> going to feel good. let's get more on hurricane earl. both earl and fiona on track to deliver havoc to the region by the end of the week. we are joined by the national hurricane center in miami by meteorologist wallace hugset. good morning. >> good morning. >> as tucker was just talking about, there is obviously a difference in the model that are continuing to see where the shore of the storm may potentially go. and tucker telling us there may be the chance the storm could push more west than what we originally thought.
8:34 am
what are you seeing? >> most of the model guidance still has the center just off the coast of cape hatteras. and we are expecting it to pass to the east of the coast. but the hurricane watch is still up for the northern north carolina coast. so everyone in southern virginia, eastern shore of maryland, should keep their eye out. >> and that's the folks that are in our area, up the virginia coast into maryland. if it stays off the shore, as you expected, could to still do some damage? >> it could definitely still effect the region in terms of gusty winds and swells and big waves. so of course stay out of the ocean. >> the question i guess becomes, and i know this was downgraded overnight, but obviously it could pick up once again, but if the storm contains the winds that it has now at 120-130 mile-per-hour range, if it stays just off the
8:35 am
shore, skirts the shore coming up the coast, what would the winds be like on the shore? >> its hurricane watch means that we -- that the hurricane conditions are possible. so once you expect tropical storm force winds, and the track is so close to the coast that we need to keep a very close eye on future tracks. >> any idea when we might get a better idea as to the direction it might take? >> we're continually upon forking the -- continual lymon forking the situation so just keep watching, it's slightly off shore and we're relatively confident about that right now. >> as far as the time is reaches the coast, are we still looking at thursday evening? >> we're looking right now for it to pass to the east of cape
8:36 am
hatteras friday morning, late thursday night and hopefully by that time it's taking a northeasterly track. >> we'll continue to keep an eye on it and helping us out. thanks so much. >> thank you. 8:35 right now on this wednesday morning. the oval office gets an extreme makeover. we'll show you next. also high school football season gearing up and that means our game of the week is back starting on friday. go to and vote for your favorite match-up. whichever matchup gets the most votes is where we'll be on friday evening. it's now 8:36. 
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
tony blair has a new book out and in it he diss his successor. he said he knew gordon brown would not make a good leader and said brown has zero emotional intelligence. blair also said he still thinks it was right to invade iraq. he said he cried for the soldiers killed in iraq. blair also rights of his -- writes of his relationship with the queen and drinking. his book hit stores today and he's donating the $7 million in
8:40 am
profits to injured veterans. a new look at the oval office. while the family was vacationing, workers installed new wallpaper, sofas and rugs, made of 25% recycled wool and features quotes from speeches from past presidents. just about 8:40 on this wednesday morning. it used to be sleeping on job would get you fired if you got caught. >> well now more and more companies are encouraging it for good productivity. we'll take a closer look at that. nos. ing for hol -- no snoozing for holly this morning. >> reporter: no sleeping on the job. we are working hard live in frederick county where we are unearthing history. coming up we'll learn about the importance of the archeological dig and what they are finding as they pull things out. it's all next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
8:41 am
8:42 am
i think it's great how they put politicss union? t above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions.
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8:44 am
archeologists in britain say this year's unusually dry summer revealing ancient crop marks. the crops are growing over buries roman and prehistoric settlements. some thousands of years old. investigators from english heritage have been flying over the farm land and taking pictures of some of the crop marks and say this year they are revealing better images in the past. >> did i share with you i want to see an arcky logical dig. >> i know. and holly is out in frederick county, maryland, how is it going? >> reporter: i'm going to call you indiana seymour. and you should come to where i am. and they are actually finding things. and in you are into archeology, you know there are times that it takes a long time before a
8:45 am
discovery is made. but it is happening here. and i have two of them hard at work here with the park service. jo beasley is down there digging and these megan barry. and you're an inturn? >> yes. >> reporter: and so you are in school. >> yes. i go to hood college. >> reporter: and you're going to be a senior? >> a super senior. >> reporter: i like that. how awesome that you get an inturnship over the summer. >> yeah. like at the beginning of the summer we didn't think any of this would be here so it's awesome. >> reporter: and tell me what is going on here? what are the techniques we're using and what are we finding? >> right now we're troweling and finding a bunch of bones and glass and i guess -- this is a mid trash heap. the individual structures, and
8:46 am
theories of holes where they were depositing trash. and this is full of food remains, bone, brick fragments. >> reporter: you can show me because it looks like rocks to me? >> this is a big cow bone. probably a metatarsal. this looks like a skull fragment, also probably from a cow. a big fragment of a jaw here. you can see the teeth coming out here. >> reporter: oh, my word, you sure can. >> great big base of a bottle here and then another piece of a wine bottle right there. more bone coming out down there. >> reporter: that is literally like a tooth. i don't know if you can see that but i'm trying to point that out here. and as you're digging away, how do you know when you are just take ago way dirt or taking away somethings that essential? >> one of the main things that we look for are actual color changes in the soil. what probably just looks like a bunch of dirt to you all, there
8:47 am
is different colors, different textures, looking for different inclusions. >> reporter: you can show me what you mean? >> sure. you can see where it's very orange clay there, starting to come up. we're probably getting to the bottom of the pit feature that forms, and then you can see the actual soil coming out is quite a little bit more dark brown, more refined, obviously full of artifacts. this is a big base of a cast iron pot or vessel coming out here. and so there is just all kinds of refuge deposited here. >> reporter: and how do you begin to learn the story recovering this? >> part of what this can tell us, is what kind of things they were eating and what kind of access they had to different kind of consumer goods. if someone went through your trash, what kinds of things they would be able to learn. >> reporter: what my garbage would say about me. >> but the other thing that is
8:48 am
critical to bear in mind is we're working with an incomplete record so it's really important to try to look at things in context. because if someone did go through your trash they could make some assumptions and make some determinations that would be correct but wouldn't have the whole story or who you were as a person. >> reporter: so as you are not only being a part of this appraising discovery, how is it working in the heat this summer? >> it's been rough. you get used to it. i have quite a good tan going on. >> reporter: no. you have sun block on. that's what you're supposed to say. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> anarchyologist. >> reporter: do you think you'll be part of something like this again? >> i don't know. i'm spoiled. >> reporter: you've set the bar high. we have a link to the battlefield if you want to find out more about the different things they have out here and the archeological dig going on. but in the next hour we'll go
8:49 am
to another area and talk to some volunteers about why they need to feel the part of this important project. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the washington times could soon be sold for a dollar. not a copy of the newspaper but the business. according from a memo from the advisor of the owner a tentative deal has been made to transfer things over from on church affiliated group to another. and that is subject to a 30 day due diligence period. the company has struggled financially, cutting 40% of the staff this year and eliminating the sports section. we are getting a look at the latest church at the best federal employers. according to the employees themself, the washington post reports that the nuclear regulatory commission tops the list. the government accountability is second followed by the fdic and the smithsonian. after surveying more than
8:50 am
260,000 government employees the list was put together. today's job of the day is at the bloom grocery store in warrenton, virginia. they are looking for an assistant grocery manager. for more information on the job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. most companies, sleeping on the job gets you in trouble. but according to stanford, some companies are thinking otherwise. >> and some places are setting up places for workers to catch 40 winks to increase productivity. diane ryan reports. >> reporter: any time melissa needs a quick nap, she heads to a quiet room at work. >> i don't want to admit how often i use it but once a week and i go on for 17 minutes at a time and it lets me get back to work refreshed and i'm able to tack the rest of the day. >> reporter: she works the a computer software company in scottsdale. they work long hours.
8:51 am
>> we've seen people asleep under their desk and in their cars aslwhat people want to do, so let's make it a nice place. >> reporter: and the company has two quiet rooms. one is a meditation room with a couch. the other room is equipped with a futuristic napping pod. it's very popular. >> you have the option of turning on music and it's just a real relaxing sound and then when your time is up, the pod tilts back down and there is a light vibration that kind of wakes you up. >> reporter: sleep experts say the nap should be no longer than 20 minutes long for the best results. and brad said it's working. >> we definitely noticed people are happier and happy people are productive. >> reporter: and they are no longer sleeping under their desks. >> i'm going to take a nap. >> reporter: maybe it will work for me. diane ryan, fox news. >> so this move on your desk at work has to do for some folks. >> not for everyone. if you value your job. 8:51 on this wednesday morning. we are trying to help folks who need to get their licenses
8:52 am
renewed in virginia. >> coming up in the next hour, we'll talk with the dmv official about the computer problem that has kept thousands of getting the job done. this morning we'll get the latest on the situation in virginia. ♪
8:53 am
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the superintendent of frederick county public schools is retiring. linda burge announced she will step down july 1st from the post she's held since 2004. the 55-year-old has spent her entire career in fredry county schools and she said her proudest achievements include improving achievement and narrowing the achievement gap for at-risk students. parents at one school have been rallying, to get a tree
8:56 am
cut down at cherokee elementary. and the parents think the tree poses a danger to their kids. >> reporter: a snap of a branch and you can see this tree is dead. >> it's on the way down. >> reporter: and that is what scares james mcdowell, his wife and three kids. the children are students at cherokee lane elementary. >> what worries me is the children walking through here on a daily basissism the tree used to stand parallel with the utility pole next to it, just on the edge of school property. now the tree is leaning. >> oh, my god. it's horrible. it's dangerous. >> you have a potential tragic situation. we need to be proactive and not reactive. >> if that tree falls on my kid, i would not be happy. >> reporter: and steps away there is a hydrant leaking for six weeks. >> that is not a good mix with
8:57 am
live wire and water. >> reporter: and now there is another safety hazard because the tree is blocked off, kids have to step out into the road and then back up on the sidewalk to get off school property. james mcdowell said he's made repeated calls to pepco to try to get the tree cut away from the line. >> it's beyond frustration, it's -- i'm saddened that it's taking this long. we're talking months and months and no one has done their part. >> reporter: wssc said the crews stopped the hydrant leak on tuesday. pepco said the tree is resting on telecommunications lines, not power lines, so a pepco spokesman said it's not pepco's issue but a spokesperson for the school said pepco will be handling it. >> to me, i don't care who does it, just get it done so our kids are safe. >> reporter: in adelphi, maryland, beth parker, fox news. and we have one more sports note for you this morning. check out what happened at
8:58 am
miami dolphins practice. teammates had to help kendall langford find his 2.5 karat diamond earring. he forget to take it out before practice and lost one during drills so several teammates combed not just one by two fields. he wouldn't comment on how much it cost but one jewelry distributor said it could be worth more than $50,000. no word on whether they found the earring. and that's will do it for this hour of fox 5 morning news. we'll turn things over to allison. you knew how much that earring was worth? >> $50,000? okay. thanks. coming up, despite the fact that hurricane earl did get weaker overnight, evacuations are underway in north carolina this weekend as earl makes his way toward the east coast. we'll get the latest from officials in north carolina. plus we'll take a closer look at what is being done closer to home. we're following two big international stories this morning. president barack obama is preparing for mideast peace talks at the white house with
8:59 am
the president's of palestine and the prime minister of israel as the president marks the end of combat operations in iraq with an oval office address last night. and a trip to the dmv can be painstaking. this past week in virginias had been worse. the massive computer glitch continues to leave drivers without licenses. just ahead, we'll get the latest on the when the problems will be fixed straight from the spokesperson for the virginia dmv. and also ahead, we know that's stephen strasburg needs surgery for an arm injury and that that procedure means he's miss the next 12-18 months. and now we know when the ace will go under the knife and get back on the road to recovery. in the meantime, tucker barnes has been watching earl very closely. he joins us with the very latest. i was going to say good morning, earl. >> let's get right to it. let's get to the hurricane watch to extend the virginia coastline. last night it

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